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Shipments and returns

HOMEANDHISTORY.COM carries out deliveries across Europe. Therefore, you can choose any address shipping within these geographical limitations. In addition, when you make your order, always we will confirm by e-mail the confirmation of your purchase, by which you can check shipping details are correct.

*Shipping costs for self-employed and intra-community companies: 40€

*These will be delivered by the transport agency street or increase of €60 if you upload to buildings that needed more staff.


(In the event that the value of shipping in the shopping cart does not match the table, please query on pedidos@homeandhistory.com)

Items in stock will be delivered within a maximum of 15 working days after the order is formalized. The rest of the articles by the date that we indicated to them in the previous confirmation of the order. Deliveries to the Canary Islands have a higher delivery ranging from 15 to 30 days.
IMPORTANT: Before signing the delivery note of the carrier, the customer must check and confirm the number of packages and their status. If you can not check the merchandise, you will indicate on the delivery note of the "PENDING REVIEW CARRIER. "If you detect any breakage or deterioration of packaging, we advise you not to sign the delivery note since your signature gives assurance that the merchandise is good. That have not been notified to H & H in writing within 48 hours of receipt of the merchandise, to the address info@homeandhistory.com, attaching one or more photos of the reference.

If it was a break, notify in 24h.

All products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of invoice, provided that it is a manufacturing defect.

The warranty replaces the item as many times as necessary at zero cost, but the amount of the item is never refunded

In case of return for other reasons the customer will be responsible for the return costs.

From the moment the product arrives at your home you have 14 calendar days to return it free of charge. You don't have to give any explanation: you simply exercise your right of withdrawal. (excluding companies and freelancers).

Returns must be made in the original packaging and have not been assembled or used. First, the damaged part will be collected and once it has been checked at the factory, it will be replaced. Any defective merchandise will be replaced and not paid, unless there is not enough stock of it, in which case the amount will be paid in full.

Because they are handmade products, there may be variations. For specific cases, verify all the information with the technical department, since the returns for technical reasons of that type, will be borne by the customer.

However, so that the return is accepted by HOMEANDHISTORY.COM you must meet the following conditions:

-Products must be returned within a period of 15 calendar days from the date of receipt of the order by the customer. The 15 days start from sending the completed form ainfo@homeandhistory.com.

-Products must be returned in its original box/packaging, without damage, and without any damage. In the event that the product is wrapped in transparent paper, this paper may have been unopened.

-The products may have been used not mounted.

Note: Please do not directly put zeal or stickers in the box/packaging and wrap the article first, products that are in poor condition will not be accepted.

In the case that the return value of the property decreases due to other than the required handling, H & H reserves the right to claim compensation to the customer.

For returns from the Islands, the cost of the return is from 30 euros and varies according to the type of order or product.

Management of return periods are the same as deadlines. It is broad, but understand that process an incidence is slow by factors other than H & H and we ask patients by our customers.

IMPORTANT: THE CONDITIONS OF REFUNDS AS DESCRIBED ARE OF APPLICATION FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS; FOR companies/FREELANCERS - orders with discounts - order of professionals - the expenses of the returns are to charge company (or autonomous) buyer and according to the terms which mark law.

The products bought in flash sales, or expressly orders upon customer request, H & H does not return unless the customer has received them damaged or defective.
When you return a product, you can choose to:

Refund of the amount paid
Request is sent to you again the same reference (in case of refund for damaged or in poor condition)
Request a replacement product. (In the latter case, you must pay the difference if the new product is an amount exceeding the return. If the new product had a lower amount, H & H you paid the difference. In any case, H & H, you make repayments within a period of 7 days from receipt of the products returned by H & H.

However, if you opt for an alternative product and then want it back you will be paid the shipping charges and return from this moment. If the product has lost value, we can ask for additional compensation from this moment.

Under no circumstances staff at H & H moves to dependencies of the customer to check the defective condition of the products.

FOR orders where the customer request that H & H the Save in deposit during a certain period time set, shall be deemed the date in which confirms receipt of the order in the store of H & H as the date from which will begin to count the 15 days of the return period.

FOR orders that exceed 30 days of deposit, H & H may be charged storage costs and management.

For orders where the customer request that H & H the Save in deposit during a certain period time set, shall be deemed the date in which confirms receipt of the order in the store of H & H as the date from which will begin to count the 14 days of the return period.

For orders that exceed 30 days of deposit, H & H may be charged storage costs and management.

There are two main reasons for which package you have purchased has not reached you:

Wrong direction: check that the address you entered was correct, since it is possible that they have received your order in the wrong direction.

Failed attempts-to-arrival: our logistics suppliers make up to two attempts at delivery. In the event that after twice attempting to deliver the order to you, not you attend the supplier, the order will be returned.

When an order could not be delivered for reasons beyond HOME AND HISTORY will receive back your package. Then, proceed to return the total amount of your purchase within a period of 7 days from receipt, minus the costs caused by the shipping and return of the package.