Welcome to Home and History, the original furniture and decoration store

We are a contemporary company that after years dedicated to the selection of articles endowed with personality and quality in order to satisfy the most demanding tastes of our clients, we decided to value the needs of the current market, to create a place where the best Trend articles, unique pieces and antiques.
"With the fusion of styles as a sign of identity and personal attention as a priority".
Our job is to give the client endless possibilities, making your visit a fully satisfactory experience.

Noble materials: guarantee of quality and authenticity

The use of natural materials is the only way we know of producing exclusive pieces, because nature never created totally identical copies. On the other hand, the natural is synonymous with quality and guarantee.

Our selection of furniture and accessories is carried out with great care

We have only the best manufacturers and national and international distributors those that prevail in the choice of materials, care processes and give utmost importance to the design.


Each of our pieces is designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes of those who do not conform to create a harmonious style, but that they are in the eclectic decor the best way equipped with its own personality.

From here, we invite to visit the different sections of our website in search of that unique and original piece. You will find current designers of first-class creations, as well as antique furniture with unique designs. In addition, each of the items we offer for sale is accompanied by a short description, to get to know its origin, style and materials.

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