“We want the best for our customers”

From the beginning we knew that our proposal for offering the most exclusive and original pieces of the market will not be enough. For this reason we focus almost all our time on providing personal attention and close 24 hours, attention that our customers deserve so much, being this the most careful and active selection of our catalog the reasons for which we are a reference in decoration for the public most demanding of all europe.

Selected articles

In Home and History not everything goes, that's why,
we select from the manufacturers
and distributors internationally,
those items that meet the requirements
to be part of our catalogue.

Attention all day

To all this we must add the 24-hour attention,
so that you can find
an immediate response from Monday to Sunday, not only online, you can also write to us at any time and easily to our

Shipping & secure payment

We offer fast and free shipping, for Spain and Portugal, as well as the best service for our customers in the rest of Europe.
We use the safest payment platforms on the market today through Redsys for operations with different types of cards, PayPal, bank transfer and deferred payments thanks to "Aplazame" which offers a reliable and fast service

In short, it's a place where the exclusive and unique pieces are the protagonists. In this way, it is possible to create environments that are eclectic through close, personal attention and quality.
The sale is carried out on real stock. This makes any purchase satisfactory to 100%.